Little Musketeer


About Us

Suruchi Dua is the founder and owner of She began her journey with children, being a mentor of Accountancy and Business Studies in different Schools of Delhi and Gurugram, has been always connected and deeply into the kids world from her beginning.
She is a Lifestyle Blogger and has written some amazing articles on School education, Boards of India. Parenting Quintessentials, Examinations and peer pressure are some of her exemplary work in the field of education and her blogs. 
Her Brand is inspired from the different facets of life, which she has penned down on her wordpress website
She and her brand is a total inspiration from her own two daughters Aahana and Myra Dua, who are her motivator, her teacher, her mentor and her boosters of life.
She believes in Children and their holistic development and Little Musketeer is a brand which makes kids an icon with their own taste, style, colours and Fashion sense. We meticulously craft the body shapes, sizes and colours and Customisations at the priority of kids. We believe every kid is different and unique and we, here at our studio, empower their creativity by bringing it into reality.
As we say in Accounts, Source and Application of Cash Flow Statement, so do I apply those rules in life.
"Children are my source and they are my world where I apply" - Suruchi Dua 
Little Musketeer, a one-shop destination for your kids. Go and Buy for your kids and fulfill their Style and Spunk ".
Suruchi Dua